I currently have Windows Server setup with one physical ethernet port (eth0) as an external VLAN trunk connected to a Hyper-V virtual external switch for VMs to share with the host. The host uses specifically VLAN1 while the virtual switch allows VMs to use and share from VLAN1 to VLAN3. To create an external/internal or private virtual switch, open the Hyper-V Manager and from the action pane on the right-hand side, click on Virtual Switch Manager. I will create External Virtual Switch. Click on Create Virtual Switch. I have renamed my external virtual switch so that it is easier to identify when I decide to add additional. Step 3: Create Home Assistant Hyper-V VM. Open Hyper-V Manager.Right-click on your local server name (Danny-Server in the screenshot). Then click New > Virtual Machine.. On the Before You Begin page, click Next.. On the Specify Name and Location page, give your VM a name (i.e. - homeassistant). Check the box for "store the virtual machine in a different location" and then enter the path.

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